International World Chaîne Day

World Chaîne Day in 2021 will be on Saturday, April 24th.

Dear Members

We hope you are all doing well during this ongoing period of many challenges.

As is now the well-established tradition, we are looking forward to your enthusiastic participation in World Chaîne Day which this year will take place on April 24th.

In the current context, the special day may well need to be held individually at home or in a small group, but we still wish to make this rendezvous a festive moment of unity, joy and creativity.

Therefore, for the first time we are proposing a cooking theme ... let's dress up and cook at least one dish with a common ingredient: egg.

We will indeed soon communicate all the information for our must-see photo competition and social networks.

Meanwhile, please save the date.


With best wishes


Vive la Chaîne!


Ari-Pekka Parviainen

Chair, World Chaîne Day Organising Committee

Member of the Conseil d’Administration